WMS :Alienor Logistique

A software conceived to make you gain time

With module WMS ALIENOR LOGISTIQUE, all your operational logistics will be optimised


MES: Alienor Production

A complete and clever module

Analysis of performances; collection, acquisition and management of data; our MES module will be able to answer your individual waitings

Pilotage de Flux

The optimisation of your logistical fluxes

Atelog it is about 40 years of experience, today composed of professionals specialised in the industrial logistics


Alienor Smart Connect 4.0

Created to manage the operations of exchanges, controls and tracing of information in the workshops and stores, this OFFER ALIENOR consists of:

Alienor Smart connect 4.0, modular software package for the management of the operator / ERP interface in workshops and stores: management of operations in production and logistics; quality management, traceability, inventory and production.

Assisting materials for data entry and transfer (WIFI, CAB readers, printers, voice, vision, RFID …),

Audit and consulting services, specific developments, training, maintenance.

Discover our new ScorePOP and Score Connect products!

Discover the Score range

The exchange of data on machines with IoT ( “connected objects”): “ScoreConnect

Data collection by mobile operators at the location where the Added Value is created: in a stick-script mode via the “production film” with “LeanCam” or on tablet / smartphone with “ScoreOperator

Communication of production data with your IT environment: ERP, MES, Web …: “ScoreExchange

Dynamic exploitation of your performance indicators according to a Lean approach: “ScorePop


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(Français) Le 30 novembre 2017,Atelog et ses partenaires vous invitent à découvrir leurs solutions à base d’objets connectés industriels « IIoT » et d’interfaces utilisateur dédiées à la performance de production

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