Our software package Alienor Smart connect 4.0

You wish unse optimised and simple solution for your warehouse and production logistics?

For more than 20 years, Atelog is the specialist of the acquisition of data. Our job is to simplify, to automate, to optimise and to draw the activities of production (MES) and of logistics (WMS). …



Pilot your warehouse fluxes and control the costs of your logistical operations! Across solution Alienor Logistique (WMS), you can:


  • Manage and control your supplies real-time.
  • Control the process of preparation of orders and of expeditions
  • Assure the marking of all logistical operations


Optimise your production resources and have a complete workmanship of your process of manufacture! Across solution Alienor Production (MES), you can:


  • Adopt a step Lean Manufacturing
  • Improve your performance and win in productiveness
  • Control quality and assure marking on the whole production process

Thoughts solutions for field

All our solutions lean on quick and parametric simple, ergonomic interfaces as well as on the piloting of tools of assistant to seizure and of interfaces M2M. So, the connection in your ERP (SAP, Cegid, etc) is an operation habit of which we have.

The acquisition of data was never also efficient



Of the equipment reliable and adapted

Equipments of assistant to seizure and to transfer of information: WIFI, readers CAB, printers, voice, vision, RFID …

Solutions of connection in the production and control machines: terminals MISSES, direct connections in robots, OPC, connection in supervision PC …


Accompaniment and advice

Services of audit and advice in computerised organisation of warehouses and workshops, specific developments of software, training, service …

Atelog has a charter quality, including a methodology of plan behaviour.

This method, named Agile method allows to advance on plan in stage with the client, via stages which are progressively built and who allows you to know where is the progress of plan, while keeping an eye on direction that takes jobs. We advance so together, without margin of possible error.

Atelog is constituted of a team in growth of professional, passionate and pragmatic men and of women who stay in our firm and go into service of our clients.

Its human management guarantees the permanence.


Security and performance networks

Atelog also offers solutions of security and of improvement of the performances of networks, in partnership with the society sister Anyssa.

This collaboration will bring you a better time of answers of machines, thinning your fluxes so and optimising your logistical chaine.