Alienor Engine

The Alienor Engine manages the database, the control of other modules, the operation of terminals (PCs, input help terminals, printers, etc.), and gathers the management and administration functions of the system.

It is designed to:

  • Simplify and optimize data entry operations in logistics workshops and production or control operations, particularly through the use of barcode terminals, RFID, voice or vision
  • Guide operators in the flow of materials, in operations and in data entry.
  • Simplify communication with third party information systems. Communications are driven by Alienor smart connect 4.0 in synchronous modes, asynchronous mode or mixed mode, with supervision tools.
  • Share centralized and consistent information with the whole “extended enterprise” by using a single central database that retrieves and exchanges information with third party information systems, including outside of the company.
  • Streamline information exchanges between the various internal and external stakeholders in the company, particularly through documenting and processing, through mobile connections management or through EDI.
  • Be fast and sufficiently independent from responses from other modules to enable control of production materials.
  • Allow customizability and a wide freedom of initiative for the operators, while minimizing the risk of errors (using “poka yoke” consistency check control procedures, etc..)