Services bundled with the provision of Alienor smart connect 4.0

  • Production of External Specifications for the System (detailed specifications)
  • Production and setup of the Alienor Solution
  • Unit tests
  • Change management
  • Support for the deployment and commissioning
  • Training for the configuration and use of Alienor smart connect 4.0 (Atelog is an accredited body)


Maintenance and technical support

Atelog ensures the proper maintenance for the ALIENOR solutions and offers other technical assistance (evolutions, support, etc.). To this end, we follow several procedures:

  • On-site and off-site intervention: in order to ensure maximum responsiveness at a controlled cost, Atelog teams can intervene on-site (project launch, support at startup, training, sensitive operations, etc.) but most of our interventions are made by remote connection with a Secure VPN. Progress meetings are scheduled throughout the project, and are often held in videoconference.
  • Diagnostic tools: Our unique image replication systems for terminals enable us, with our “Input Viewer”, to replay the entry log of an operator and remotely have a full view of the system. This is true for both CAB terminals and voice terminals.
  • The Atelog work and analysis platform. Yet again for the purpose of responsiveness and controlled costs, we have a platform for remote work and analysis on which we install copies of your environment.

The ease of creating copies of the system allows us to work without disrupting the operations of our clients, and allows you to easily create test or training environments.

Atelog offers several types of maintenance contracts, ranging from standard maintenance (security features for the Suite and access to version upgrades), to the full support of your entire environment.